Episode 2 – 10 Popular Veggies to Grow in your Urban Garden Pt 1

Episode 2 – 10 Popular Veggies to Grow in your Urban Garden Pt 1

10 Popular Veggies to Grow in your Urban Garden – Part 1

Growing tips, health information as well as some storage suggestions, for some of our favourite vegetables and fruits…

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Episode 2 Show Notes

Today, we go through the first 5 Veggies or Fruits that are popular to grow in your Urban Garden (or any garden you might have)…

We look at Tomatoes, Lettuce, Peas/Beans/Legumes, Carrots & Potatoes.

For each of these I go over some growing tips, their culinary uses, health benefits and also discuss how you can use them in your survival plan…

What to Expect in Episode 3

Coming up in Episode 3 we will look at the last 5 in our series…. “10 Popular Veggies/Fruits you can Grow in your Urban Garden”.

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