Say No to GMO

Say No to GMO

Genetically Modified Foods a Growing Concerns Processed and GMO foods is becoming a critical health issue, worldwide. I guess it is no surprise that we have reached this point where so many foods on our supermarket shelves are just getting worse and worse. Almost all of them should have a label saying ‘Unfit for Human (or animal) Consumption’! When … Read moreSay No to GMO

Episode 2 – 10 Popular Veggies to Grow in your Urban Garden Pt 1

Urban Garden Survival Podcast-2

10 Popular Veggies to Grow in your Urban Garden – Part 1 Growing tips, health information as well as some storage suggestions, for some of our favourite vegetables and fruits… If you would like to listen to the audio podcast, just click on the play button below, and if you would prefer, you can also … Read moreEpisode 2 – 10 Popular Veggies to Grow in your Urban Garden Pt 1

The Basics of Biodynamic Gardening

Basics of Biodynamic Gardening

Getting Started with Biodynamics Understanding the basics and how you can get started… You’re probably already somewhat familiar with the concept of organic gardening. Organic farms and gardens forego the use of all chemical fertilizers and pesticides, instead relying upon natural techniques to control destructive pests. These techniques generally include composting, crop rotation, and using … Read moreThe Basics of Biodynamic Gardening

Summer Fruit Salad With Cashew Cream

Summer Fruit Salad with Cashew Cream

A Delicious Summer Breakfast or Healthy Desert Recipe A really simple Vegan recipe that makes Breakfast or Desert a treat! This is one of my favourite breakfasts, but usually in summer, when there is an abundance of delicious fresh fruit (including the stone fruit). It’s a really simple Vegan recipe, and of course very flexible, … Read moreSummer Fruit Salad With Cashew Cream