Summer Fruit Salad With Cashew Cream

Summer Fruit Salad With Cashew Cream

A Delicious Summer Breakfast or Healthy Desert Recipe

A really simple Vegan recipe that makes Breakfast or Desert a treat!

Summer Fruit Salad with Cashew CreamThis is one of my favourite breakfasts, but usually in summer, when there is an abundance of delicious fresh fruit (including the stone fruit).

It’s a really simple Vegan recipe, and of course very flexible, so you can make it according to your own tastes.  Of course it could also be used as a desert, however, I prefer to keep meals as simple as possible, and usually I would avoid mixing fruit with vegetables.

I would rarely have desert after a main meal, except on special occasions, but certainly, this makes a nice healthy desert.

Below is my version of Fresh Fruit Salad and (Cashew) Cream!

And as a bonus… it’s Vegan and it’s Raw!

If you can grow your own fresh produce… then that is ideal. If you can’t, then try to get very fresh locally grown organic produce, which will be second best. Otherwise, just get the best produce you can depending on where you are and what you can afford.

Below I have listed what I commonly use when I make mine.

Extra Tip: I make a good amount at once and then keep it in the refrigerator in a sealed container for use over the following couple of days. Same with the Cashew Cream… I use a Vitamix blender for the Cashew Cream, but any good quality blender or food processor should be fine, so long as it is powerful enough. This will affect the degree to which you can get the Cashew Cream thick and smooth; the desired creamy texture and consistency.

Summer Fruit Salad And Cashew Cream

Time: Approx. 20 mins  –  Serves: 5 – 6 for one meal

Fruit Salad


  • 1 Red Apple
  • Quarter of Medium sized Red Paw Paw
  • 1 ripe Mango (I prefer Kensington variety in Australia)
  • A good handful of fresh cherries
  • A good handful of fresh grapes (green or purple)
  • 2 medium sized yellow flesh, free stone peaches
  • 4 or 5 medium sized ripe apricots
  • A good handful of blueberries (and/or any other berries you enjoy)
  • 6 medium sized strawberries 3 bananas (I like Lady Finger variety here is Australia)


Have a large clean bowl, good sharp kitchen knife and paring knife, and a decent chopping board.

Wash and dry your fruit (as needed – if apple is not organic, I use a natural soap to wash the skin then rinse it off, to remove as much chemical residue and wax as possible).

Chop each into small pieces (as per personal preference) for me around ½ inch squares approximately. I prefer to remove seeds of stone fruit. Throw into your large clean bowl and then stir together to mix it up at the end.

Cashew Cream


  • 1 Cup of Fresh, whole, raw cashews
  • A Pinch of Celtic or Himalayan salt
  • ½ – 1 cup of filtered water (alkaline water is good)
  • A teaspoon of Organic Maple Syrup (or to taste)
  • 2 or 3 water ice cubes


You can soak the cashews in filtered water overnight, if you wish, and then you would add less water, however, it works just fine with the un-soaked raw cashews.

Add your nuts to your blender (or food processor), add the salt, the water and the maple syrup.

Blend on low and gradually increasing the speed. Once it starts to blend together, and as your speed is increasing, add the ice cubes (this will help to keep it cold and stop the speed of the mixer from making the cream warm).

Gradually take your blender up to the highest speed for approximately 15 seconds or until smooth, thick and creamy.

Ideas for Spicing Things Up…

If you wish you can do some of the following, for making this recipe even more interesting, especially if you are using it as a desert or to serve up for guests…

Add some Organic Coconut oil to the Cashew Cream mix – not only will this add a delicious ‘coconut’ flavour but it will increase healthy fats (obviously Cashew Cream is a food that you would eat in moderation, but healthy fats are a vital part of good health, especially as a part of a well-balanced, and healthy Vegan diet).

Add soaked chia seeds – Soak the seeds overnight in some filtered water, then add to either your fruit salad or to the Cashew Cream. (Chia seeds are very mucilaginous when soaked and are wonderful for the digestive system; they have many health benefits and are a good source of protein).

There you have it… Enjoy and perhaps let me know what you think when you have tried it 🙂

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