Kacper Postawski & Eden Biodome

Kacper Postawski & Eden Biodome

Eden Biodome Has Been Discontinued – Some Alternatives Are…

Unfortunately Eden Biodome is no longer available, however, here are two very good gardening courses you can check out.

Please Check Out Food4Wealth As An Alternative Recommendation
Another Great Course is DIY Aquaponics Click Here to Check it Out

With today’s shaky world economy, people worry about the food supply. People are also concerned about the chemicals and preservatives that are constantly added to their food. Growing one’s own vegetables can be a tremendously rewarding experience. It is also a very healthy choice for one’s family.

For many living in colder climates, growing their own vegetables is only feasible in the warm months. This greatly reduces their sustainability and self-sufficiency. Some have tried growing their vegetables indoors, which is a valid option if one has the space inside one’s house. Not all of us do.

A terrific solution to this predicament is the Eden biodome. The brainchild of Kacper Postawski, Eden Biodome Revolution is a step-by-step guide to create the perfect environment for growing vegetables year-round. It is also more than that.


Click Here To Find Out How You Can Build Your Own Biodome!

Kacper Postawski has spent decades researching solutions for our planet’s current problems – one of these being the challenges of our food supply. The Eden Biodome Revolution is his answer to the question of sustainable healthy food. The author provides instructions for creating a true natural ecosystem, with fish feeding on plants and other coexisting living organisms.

Geodesic domes benefit from the triangle as their basic building shape, and allow for amazing structural strength when fully constructed. However, the existing geodesic greenhouses used expensive materials and proved heavy and often unwieldy. Kacper figured out a “magic” three-step process to create the needed struts, and has discovered a unique material that is, in the author’s words, “cheaper than glass, acrylic or any other type of transparent material.”

The advantages of being able to plant year-round, even as far North as Canada, cannot be overstated. With an Eden biodome, you can grow organic, nourishing vegetables for you and your family in the harsh winter months.

Eden biodome greenhouses are extremely economical, since they’re built using 2x4s that can be bought at the local “do it yourself” store. These greenhouses can create tropical temperatures inside, to the point that gardeners work in their t-shirts in the winter. Eden biodome greenhouses are very sound structurally, able to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. These structures can be built to the size of your choice, depending on your personal preferences, requirements and available space. Best of all, they’re portable – should you prefer to build in one spot and then install elsewhere, the relocation is not a hard project.

The cost is one of the most surprising aspects of the Biodome. While many dome-building companies offer products costing tens of thousands of dollars, building a 40-foot tall Eden Biodome costs only around $500. Kacper built such a structure himself and then proceeded to build his easy-to-follow guide. Following his guide, many others have built their own greenhouses. Kacper’s website is filled with testimonials of people praising his unique guide.

Eden Biodome Has Been Discontinued – Here Are Some Alternatives…

Just click on the links below to check out these courses.

Please Check Out Food4Wealth As An Alternative Recommendation

Another Great Course is DIY Aquaponics Click Here to Check it Out

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