Food4Wealth Review

Food4Wealth Review

The Food4Wealth method takes you through the process of setting up and maintaining a vegetable garden. It is the easiest method for beginners to get into gardening, and does it with great economy of space.

The method was developed by Jonathan White. Jonathan leveraged two decades of experience as a horticulturalist to develop a rather unique approach to gardening. The great thing about his approach is that the garden becomes much more productive, and is less susceptible to weeds and pests.

No bare patches

This method follows simple, ecologically-sound principles. As Jonathan puts it, nature does not tolerate empty spaces. It fills empty spaces with something – and in gardening, that something is likely to be a weed. In traditional gardening, you’ll see row upon row of one vegetable and then row upon row of another vegetable, separated by gaps – empty patches of soil.


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The Food4Wealth system is completely different. Vegetables are grown together, in a thick cover, and the soil is thickly planted. The Food4wealth does not plant in rows, and does not plant in segregated vegetables. This works well for pest protection, as it makes it much harder for pests to isolate the smells of each plant.

No Weeding, No Digging

The author of this method is a firm believer that weeding upsets the good, healthy structure of the soil. By bringing the crusty, dry soil at the top deeper into the ground, and drying the good soil by upturning it, the natural, healthy structure is constantly upheaved, making it harder for the soil to do its job. Jonathan encourages lots of composting, which prevents weeds from taking root. He also advocates against constant weeding and digging into the soil. As he puts it, “if your soil is well looked-after, it will look after you.”

Planting Thickly

The Food4Wealth method recommends a build up of seed supply in the soil – a constant amount of seeds lying dormant in the soil. The idea is that a thickly-planted garden produces a lot more. The one caveat of this system is that it does require more compost and more water. Jonathan White shows various easy methods of composting and irrigation for that purpose.

What’s Included

The method is described in an 80-page eBook (which comes with a project plan), and a 1-hour long set of videos. The videos cover everything from creating a frame, adapting your vegetable garden to run on the Food4Wealth method, planting your plot, maintenance, following the seasons, various methods of composting, and how to create a fruit farm.

Why It’s Great

The Food4Wealth method embraces nature’s diversity and makes it work to the gardener’s advantage. By providing plant lists and a project plan, Jonathan makes his method easy to follow. His videos are dynamic, highly instructional and fun. This is a great concept, laid out in a way that anyone can replicate.

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