Eden Biodome Revolution Review

Eden Biodome Revolution Review

Other Options for BioDome Gardening

Eden Biodome Has Been Discontinued – Some Alternatives Are…

Unfortunately this training about creating a Biodome garden system, is no longer available, however, here are two very good gardening courses you can check out.

Please Check Out Food4Wealth As An Alternative Recommendation

Another Great Course is DIY Aquaponics Click Here to Check it Out

Imagine yourself becoming independent from the food suppliers. Consider the benefits of developing your own sustainable food garden. Imagine not having to worry about GMOs or pesticides, and not having to pay exorbitant prices for organic vegetables either. This is a goal worth working for.

However, creating a sustainable garden can pose challenges. In harsh climates, growing vegetables can be challenging – winter frost and outside elements can easily destroy the fruit of your efforts. That is why most people choose to build a greenhouse. Building a large greenhouse can cost in excess of $15,000.

Eden_bookcoverbigIn his product “Eden Dome Revolution,” Kacper Postawski presents an amazing alternative: A way to build an extremely efficient, sustainable ecosystem within a dome-shaped greenhouse. He does this by leveraging a geodesic dome structure, along with some ingenious additions.

Geodesic domes are beautiful to behold, and extremely sound structurally. By using the basic triangular shape as a foundation, and multiplying it to create a semi-sphere, the geodesic dome design achieves a very large, very safe enclosure.

This book explains how a dome greenhouse can be built using 2x4s. This is extremely economical, and makes the domes lightweight and highly durable. Following the author’s recommendations, a full 40’ structure can be erected for as little as $500, saving you thousands of dollars.

When tackling a project of this scope, it is always best to have sound instructions. Why not follow the advice of someone who has built his own and has taught many others to do the same? If you learn one small thing that prevents you from making a crucial mistake, this book will have been more than worth it. Without the know-how, a project of this size can be a painful challenge. With the right knowledge, it becomes a fun adventure.

The author reveals secrets he found through trial and error – secrets that can save much effort and heartache. After much experimenting, the author found a “magic” 3-step method for the dome struts – this knowledge alone is well worth the price of the book.
The eBook reveals a material that can turn the dome into a tropical paradise, even in areas with temperatures of -22F outside. This material is used in regular greenhouses, and it becomes even more effective when used in a dome.

The eBook shows examples of how the dome can house a full ecosystem, with fish and tropical plants. The fish feed off the plants and the whole environment is self-sustaining. Growing fruits and vegetables within the biodome is a lot easier and the crops are protected and safe.

The eBook contains a step-by-step guide for building your own geodesic dome greenhouse – complete with pictures, detailed explanations and even videos that demonstrate key steps and features. A full list of tools and materials is provided. The book comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Judging from the customer reviews, it is well worth the price.

Eden Biodome Has Been Discontinued – Here Are Some Alternatives…

Just click on the links below to check out these courses.

Please Check Out Food4Wealth As An Alternative Recommendation

Another Great Course is DIY Aquaponics Click Here to Check it Out

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