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Recommended Products & Resources

Listed below I will be adding any of my own products I have for sale, as well as any other courses I might recommend.

I will also list any useful resources I find that are free as I come across them.

My Own Products (Coming Soon… )

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Other People’s Courses I Recommend

Here are two Gardening Courses that I can recommend… I personally own both of them, which is why I am happy to recommend them 🙂

This first course is not always available, however, if it is, then I highly recommend it. Paul Dysinger is a wealth of organic gardening knowledge as he has spent a large amount of his life growing up on a Family farm – an organic Market Garden, owned by his Father and his Uncle.

While his launch is underway, he is giving away some excellent free gardening information, starting with a great tip for growing vegetables in winter… Check it out by clicking on the link below:

Born to Grow

 Born To Grow Gardening Course

Born to Grow Online Organic Gardening Course

Another course that I own myself and have found very helpful is Food4Wealth. This is a system that is extremely easy to look after that will give you a good yield from a small area, and the principles can apply to more or less any type of garden.

Food 4 Wealth Training

Food4Wealth-Grow Your Own Eco Organic Food




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