Using Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

The Essential Oils Revolution

What are Essential Oils and Aromatherapy? Essential Oils are the basis of Aromatherapy treatment to diseases in a patient…. Using natural treatments correctly can provide a wonderful approach to dealing with our health issues, and certainly one of the most enjoyable ways is to uncover the wonderful secrets of using essential oils. This article is … Read moreUsing Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Part 4 – What does Organic Really Mean?

Organic Means

How Do You Know if it’s Really Organic? And what does going ‘organic’ really mean… Understanding just what is ‘organic’ can be a problem…. Depending on the laws governing the sale of Organic produce in your Country, and what sort of outlet you are purchasing from, it’s not always straight forward as we would like. … Read morePart 4 – What does Organic Really Mean?

Part 3 – Budget Tips for Eating Organic

Cut Budget

Isn’t Organic Food Expensive? Here are some suggestions on how you can save money while eating organically… I think perhaps the most common objection I hear to trying to eat organic food, is that it is too expensive, and they cannot afford it. Obviously, I am not going to sit here and tell you that buying … Read morePart 3 – Budget Tips for Eating Organic

Part 2 – 8 Reasons You Want to Eat Organic

Eating Organic

Going Organic Series – Part 2 Below are eight reasons why you might want to start eating organic… In recent years ‘organic’ has become a bit of a buzz word… even a status symbol in some circles, but really that can undermine the most important reasons why we need to consider eating organic foods as … Read morePart 2 – 8 Reasons You Want to Eat Organic

Summer Fruit Salad With Cashew Cream

Summer Fruit Salad with Cashew Cream

A Delicious Summer Breakfast or Healthy Desert Recipe A really simple Vegan recipe that makes Breakfast or Desert a treat! This is one of my favourite breakfasts, but usually in summer, when there is an abundance of delicious fresh fruit (including the stone fruit). It’s a really simple Vegan recipe, and of course very flexible, … Read moreSummer Fruit Salad With Cashew Cream